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The MELTDOWN Bronze (2 Sessions per Week) 3-Month

The Powered UP Systems Bronze MELTDOWN membership is for people that either would like to try THE MELTDOWN with a small commitment or would like to at least get a few professional sessions each week along with your monthly assessment program. Even two MELTDOWN sessions per week can achieve amazing success!

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 3 month(s)
Attendance: 2 classes per week
Begin Date: Sep 23, 2017
End Date: Dec 23, 2017
Payment Terms
Price: $29.00 signup fee, plus $99.00 monthly

Due Now

Signup Fee  $29.00
First Installment  $99.00
Total Due Now  $128.00

Next Payment

Next Payment  $99.00(Oct 23, 2017)

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